There is a wide range of classroom management ideas and strategies for teachers than you can apply to the classroom. Not all work as well as others and each classroom environment is different. It is best to learn your own strategies that work best for you, but here are a few general ideas that you can put into practice right away.

It is important to allow the classroom to be a positive place. If you are yelling and angry all day the students will shut down and not want to learn. If you encounter an interruption try and deal with it through humor to ease the unavoidable tension. Do not go overboard though and be serious when a serious problem arises.

Many times when teachers are dealing with a difficult class they lower their expectations greatly. Not only does this ruin the class environment but it disrupts the student’s ability to improve. Expect that they will improve and learn and discipline them accordingly if they don’t. If you lower your expectations, so will your students and they will feel that poor behavior is acceptable in the class and have no desire to rectify their attitudes.

A teacher can never plan enough. Make lesson plans for classes and then make extra lesson plans in case the original ones don’t work out. Down time in a classroom is a teacher’s worst nightmare and can be a big cause for poor behavior. Have a lot of things planned and keep your students active and busy. This will allow you the ability to keep them focused and learning as opposed to entertaining themselves through inappropriate behavior.

While it is impossible to prepare yourself for all the situations you will encounter, follow some simple guidelines in class and you will be ready to ensure proper classroom management.

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