Acme People Search – The Home Based People Search Engine Business


I joined Acme People Search a few months ago and can already see results. This program was specially designed to create different streams of income to maximize the monetization of your website. You drive traffic to your search engine and stand a chance of making money with Google AdSense, Clickbank, Net Detective, Reunion and best of all GDI. This really is one of the best programs I have been involved with, and I have been with a few.

The program also collates email address from people that do searches on your website and the Acme Program will follow up with all your contacts for up to a year by sending them affiliate based offers that you can earn income from. Tissa (Program creator) will also advertise your search engine for FREE for 1 month. You will also get a $125 joining bonus once you have completed the 3 steps to creating your own search engine.  

Here are the 3 easy steps of setting up a search engine with Acme People Search:  

Step 1: Affiliatize:  

Sign up with Reunion (free), HD Publishing (free), GDI ($10/month) and ClickBank. It’s VERY important that you sign up with ALL of them so you don’t lose any earnings. Now put all your IDs in your back office of your search engine.  

Step 2: Monetize  

Get your own domain and hosting for your search engine. Since you will want to sign up with GDI anyway, get it there. You will be amazed how this is going to build your GDI downline. Just click the GDI link in back office.  

Step 3: Advertise  

Now that you are all set up, advertise your search engine. Tissa is advertising your people search engine free for the first month on Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you want him to continue advertising its $29.95/month. That’s all up to you. I highly recommend it though. 

To get even more visitors to your people search engine use Google adWords. If you have never used AdWords before, just click on Step 3 to Success: Advertise! and then the link that says ” teach me to ALSO advertise my search engine and it will show you step by step how to set up a Google AdWords campaign.  

Although short term profits will be made with this program you have to remember that Acme People Search is a long term money making program, so be patient and you will reap the benefits.

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