All my students graduated: Teacher Sandy’s Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice Success Stories


Ms. Sandy teaches English learners and ELA at a substantial college in Florida. For each individual class, she has 32 college students and 45 minutes. “It’s impossible to meet all their needs,” she says. 😵 But in excess of the last six many years, 100% of her students have graduated. How did she do it?

Khan Academy’s Official SAT Exercise.

We talked to Sandy to learn how her students have been capable to arrive at their target of graduating higher school by attaining a concordant rating on the SAT.

Khan Academy: Convey to us about your pupils and how you use Khan Academy.

Sandy: I teach English learners and ELA to higher college college students in Florida. In my classrooms, I have all degrees, and I use Khan Academy to differentiate the instruction. The function that I use it for is to get the students to be capable to get a concordance score on the SAT to meet up with the point out requirements so that they graduate.

Khan Academy: Why is Khan Academy your go-to useful resource for your learners?

Sandy: It frees me up to be capable to invest extra time with person children and fulfill their desires. I can stroll close to the classroom and search at what they are doing work on. I have 32 kids doing work on Khan Academy. This pupil struggles with the primary notion. This college student struggles with the topic, or this just one struggles with grammar. I see them for 45 minutes—I don’t have time to meet up with the desires of each one one particular of those youngsters. It is unattainable for me to do all of that. So, if they rely on the procedure with Khan Academy, they can watch it take place and unfold in advance of their eyes. Every one child is having particularly what they will need.

A graphic with a quote from Teacher Sandy in Florida. "With Khan Academy they can watch it unfold before their eyes. Every single kid is getting exactly what they need."

Khan Academy: What is your most unforgettable good results tale employing Khan Academy with your class?

Sandy: I experienced a pupil who experienced appear all the way up through the district and was in her senior yr. She was reading at a third-quality stage but experienced to get a concordance rating on the SAT for graduation. She pretty much just watched the video clips over and above and above all over again. The movies ended up displaying her how to locate the info and how to navigate the textual content. Even nevertheless she was not a robust reader, she was nevertheless ready to get the score she desired to graduate.

Khan Academy: How do you motivate your students to preserve learning?

Sandy: On my wall, I have a sign that claims, “Failure’s not an choice. You will graduate.” Because even my principal mentioned, “These youngsters simply cannot graduate for the reason that they really don’t converse English.” We just have a motto in our classroom: “Go forward, undervalue me.” A single of my kids acquired me a cup that claims, “Underestimate me. That’ll be enjoyment.”

Khan Academy: What do you would like anyone knew about Khan Academy?

Sandy: For the very last six a long time we have experienced 100% graduation. So 100% of pupils in my course have graduated. And it’s for the reason that of Khan Academy. The kids joke that I annoy them since I’m regularly on their scenario about performing their Khan Academy. But it’s nothing at all magical that I do. It’s just that they set the do the job in and they do it on their own.

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