Why should you opt for a PMP certification?

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Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one of the top certifications that is most sought after by project managers. Offered by PMI (Project Management Institute), it is a globally recognized certification course that reflects the project managing ability of a candidate. With its new approach of predictive, agile, and hybrid, it makes you capable of working smartly giving you a competitive edge. This certification makes your skills more promising and hardcore for any business seeking to hire professional project managers. Once you become a certified PMP you could work in any industry, health, transportation, IT Sector, or others.

Why PMP?

According to the recent Project Management Salary Survey (twelfth edition), the salary of a PMP holder is 16% higher than those without the certification. Being the number one project management certification globally, it builds your confidence, leadership skills, execution, and innovative approach. If you wish to gain hands-on experience in building high-performance teams, managing them, and learning new strategies for dealing with different projects then this course is right for you. PMP proves one’s ability to lead projects efficiently with profitable success. The new pump validates your skills in managing People, processes, and the business environment. 

Let us know some of the top reasons why should you take a  Project Management Professional Certification Training

  1. New approach

The new approach of PMP that includes predictive, agile, and hybrid will help you to have a solid knowledge of project-required skills. This will ultimately increase your and your organization’s impact on others. Completing this course and passing the exam will prove that you are highly skilled in –

  • Managing and motivating your teammates to remain focused and work towards successfully delivering the project.
  • Planning and executing the actions that are required towards achieving the organization’s goal.
  • Developing a strategy that connects people and projects.
  1. Great additional value 

Your resume will have a huge weightage with PMP as your credential. It showcases and proves your leadership expertise in handling multiple projects. Your ability to deal with people and the technical aspects of a project gives you comprehensive talent. Since this training course is valued internationally, your worth will be known in any organization. Researchers say by the year 2030, approximately, 2.3 million new project-based job roles will rise. It means that you have a high chance and demand in this industry if you hold an authentic qualification like a PMP certificate.

  1. Substantial hike in income

Reports show that the earning power of certified professional project managers has increased more than non-certified project managers. According to surveys, the most promising factor is that their salary is likely to increase at a high pace, over the next years. These facts have been listed in the Project Management Salary Survey that was made across 40 different countries. It shows that becoming a professional project manager, will pay you much higher than you’ve ever thought. The experience you gain during this course is what makes you different from other managers. If you are someone who is still struggling in the project management field, then considering PMP certification is essential for you.

  1. Growth opportunities

With Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, you would not only receive high salaries but will also scale up your job opportunities. The skills and qualities you learn here are for a lifetime. Your expertise in managing projects regardless of being simple or complex will be valued and new job offers will come your way. In no time you’ll see a rise in your growth both in personality as well as in your job. Jobs in various other sectors like health, transportation, finance, etc. are seeking professional project managers.  This gives you an edge over your competitors and outshines your career.

Syllabus of Project Management training course

The syllabus of a PMP course includes several projects or modules about project management mindset, risk management, integration management, how to keep your team on track, etc. To know more about the PMP certification Syllabus you can check our website. 

The syllabus of this exam comes under three different domains 

  • People- 42% questions
  • Process- 50% questions
  • Business environment- 8% questions

Out of a total of 180 questions


We see that the PMP training course has a huge impact on your career and salary prospects. Not only this, the high-level competency in leading projects will be the foremost reason for boosting your growth. You need to keep some prerequisites in mind and that’s all. The network that you will create is another perk of becoming a certified PMP from the Project Management Institute.

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