Understanding Private Nameservers and Their Benefits With Reseller Hosting

Understanding Private Nameservers and Their Benefits With Reseller Hosting
Understanding Private Nameservers and Their Benefits With Reseller Hosting

The concept of reseller hosting is very different from regular web hosting. Reseller hosting allows you to resell hosting services to others with low maintenance costs and enjoy the profits you earn.

Reseller web hosting is done by an individual/company (who is the reseller) acting as an intermediary between the reseller web host plan provider and the end user. With reseller hosting, one can launch his own hosting plans and also offer reseller services to others..

However, there are some other terms and aspects that you need to know before buying the best reseller hosting plan. One of them is a private nameserver. This article sheds light on the information that you need about private nameservers and their role in reseller hosting.

What Are Private Nameservers?

Private nameservers are a part of the Domain Name System (DNS) which replaces the IP address with a company’s domain name. As a result, when a user searches for that company by entering the nameserver, he gets directed to its website.

Some other features of private name servers are:

  • Using private name servers can enhance the security of your hosting environment by reducing the risk of DNS-related attacks.
  • Apart from this, private nameservers help the website owner ensure greater brand recognition among current and potential clients as they will easily catch your domain name which, generally, includes your company’s name.
  • With private name servers, you have full control over the DNS settings for your hosting accounts.

Private nameservers also play an important role in the field of reseller hosting and offer numerous benefits to the reseller. For example, if you have purchased a reseller hosting plan, your nameserver will most likely have the domain of your hosting provider.

Benefits Provided by Private Nameservers in Reseller Hosting

  • Helps in Branding: A private nameserver allows the reseller to sell hosting plans to clients with his own name. Thanks to it, you will be recognised as an independent hosting service provider by your clients.
  • Lays the Foundation of Trust: Having a web address with your domain name indicates a high level of professionalism in your business. A private name server provides a sense of security to the clients which, in turn, results in a loyal customer base.
  • Makes the Switching Process Simple: In case you want to change your hosting reseller plan provider without letting your customers know, the private name server comes to the rescue and makes the switching process easy.
  • Allows the Reseller to Earn Profits as per his Wishes: By using private nameservers, a reseller does white labelling on his products which allows him to offer hosting plans at competitive prices under his brand name. This results in higher revenues and establishes a strong brand identity.


Reseller hosting combined with a private name server provides unique results, from giving you added control over the hosting server to attracting new clients (with an easy-to-remember name server that has your brand’s domain).

Private name servers come with a lot of benefits for resellers. Hence, there is no doubt that a private name server is one of the best ways to flourish your brand image within a few minutes.