The Difference Between Broadband Internet And a School Library


Every student in our respective school or university has a common purpose. Their goal is not only to pass their subjects and moving on to the next level, but they want to prove themselves worthy to others. Since they started school at the age of 4 to 5, their parents were thinking that their child will have a brighter future. The learning process from pre-school to college is indeed a long journey for the student, but it gives them more time to learn more and make friends with others. An average student who spends his or her time in school will range from 15 to 16 years. But it really depends on the student’s willingness and dedication to his or her studies. It is to determine how long he or she spends time in the school or university, whether passed or failed. During their 3rd to 4th grade stage, it is their time to know the real use of the school library. The instructors will teach them how to research properly using the books they have on the library. It needs to browse as many books as possible, whether the sequence is individual or by group.

As they move forward towards the secondary level, the level of research has become broader and more difficult. The instructor is not going easy for his or her students to just research some easy stuff. As part of their growth, the student needs to research deeply in order to find relevant information for his assignment, report or project. School library is where the students and teachers are spending their time researching, but it cost them a lot of books and time to get anything they want. Why don’t we try to use the internet as our alternative source of researching? If you think that internet is a relevant source of information and is better than a school or public library, let’s try to compare between the two. A school library is designed for schools and universities as a place for researching. What you can see in a school or public library is full of books, magazines and newspapers. If you are searching about three things like Science, Math and English for example, it needs you to have at least one resource book for each subject.

This will cost you a lot of time browsing every page of the book, and it is not guaranteed that you will find the one you are looking for. But if we want to change the way of researching fast and accurate, we use internet as the best thing to do. It is considered to be the world’s largest virtual library because you can search any subject you want in just one click. Going back to the English, Math and Science situation, you can open multiple windows or tabs on your browser for each of the subjects you have. In just one click, it will give you hundreds or thousands of results for you to look on. It’s really helpful and it can save you time to do other things than sticking to a school library. But we don’t underestimate that school libraries are history, because they are the original ones. We still need them for sure, but the internet can save us time to finish our tasks.

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