Successful Classified Advertising Online


Everybody is trying to advertise with most popular classified sites… In fact in a network there are lots of different classifieds.. Too many classified sites have a lot of traffic and too much trash from Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Cameroon… They are working for commercial purpose to get more traffic and your posted ad will be hidden from view very fast.. It will be lose between million of other ads. Many people have tried using classified ads but without success.

How to write a successful Classified Ad?

1. Advertise with trash-free classifieds sites.

2. Advertise with good optimized sites for search engines. Try googling key phrases such as:

“free classifieds”, “buy sell classifieds,” “sell online classifieds” and so on.. Find 5-10 classified sites with friendly Interface, easy-to-use.

3. Concentrate your attention to write a proper ad.

– Make the ad title more attractive for better search result listing. Make your title short but descriptive. Try to avoid words like “must see”, “wow”. No buyers would search for those words.

– Add a detailed description about the item you are selling like model number, make, new or used, how long your had it, etc. Identify and write about the most beneficial feature of the product or service you are advertising.

– A picture is worth million words, so add photos. You can add up to 4 photos absolutely free on our site.

– Do not just rush to post your ad. Take time to format your ad properly in proper paragraphs. A properly formatted ad has better chances of receiving responses.

– Do not use all Capital letters as some people may find it offending or difficult to read. If possible, please try using Proper Case.

– Price Right! If your item is priced right, it will be sold quickly. Ask yourself a question, will I buy this item at the price I am offering from someone else? If no, then you have over-priced your item. Mention the price clearly. Also state whether the price is fixed or you are willing to take the best offer. This helps in getting better ad responses.

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