Study tip #2: Use your own words and pictures to reinforce what you’re learning


This web site is the second in a 3-component sequence of established examine suggestions centered on science.

by Kristen DiCerbo, Khan Academy main mastering officer

What can you do to support yourself recall new information? Get benefit of research displaying that folks try to remember matters better when they are uncovered with terms AND visuals! Our brains appear to procedure visible and verbal information otherwise, sorting and storing it in distinct techniques or sites. In addition, we can use both verbal or visual cues, or each with each other, to recall details from our reminiscences. If we retail outlet info both of those visually and verbally, it indicates we can raise our probabilities of recalling it in 1 of those people means. 

You’ve likely discovered that our math movies on Khan Academy don’t show faces but consist of a great deal of visuals that compliment the terms Sal Khan, our founder, is speaking. This is on objective! We want you to have visual and verbal enter that is related to what you are mastering. As a great deal as we may well like Sal’s deal with, it doesn’t truly tell you nearly anything about the subject to be discovered.

A whole lot of our researching includes words and phrases, either looking through or listening to lectures. You can incorporate visuals to the mix  by drawing your individual images in your notes. Sometimes it’s apparent which images you could possibly want to attract. If you are learning cells in biology, you could want to draw a picture of a cell. At times, nevertheless, it is not so apparent what to draw mainly because you are studying one thing that does not definitely seem visible. This is a excellent time to use what we connect with a graphic organizer. Initially, publish the principle you are finding out in the center of your paper. Then, as you think of similar ideas, illustrations or ordeals, create them on the web site and connect them to your notion with traces. You’ll stop up with a website of words that are related to your new understanding. Use your creativity. If you occur up with some new way to visually demonstrate an concept, you will in all probability don’t forget it longer!

Be aware that this advice is not about selecting irrespective of whether you assume you choose visual or auditory enter (at times identified as finding out models) and researching that way. The exploration has been quite very clear that hoping to determine a learning type and then tailoring instruction to that type does not improve mastering results. People do greater when they get enter both equally visually and verbally!

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