Some Suggestions for Improving Marking and Reporting

Some Suggestions for Improving Marking and Reporting

1. The marking and reporting system should be carefully planned and guided by stated objectives, such as school related motivation, student, parent and teacher understanding; and home-school cooperation.

2. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators, usually with the aid of a technical expert should develop the reporting system and forms.

3. Informal teacher-student reporting and direct communication should be an ongoing process. Student-teacher conferences should not be a ‘last resort’ and should be encouraged as a normal part of the reporting system.

4. Parent-teacher conferences can be very effective. Released time for teacher is often necessary for this activity to be practicable. It is very difficult to make parent conferences practical for every student at the secondary school level, but the conferences are especially desirable for students whose academic performance begins to decline. Report forms for parent conferences, with copies for each party, are desirable.

5. The reporting system should include feedback on school behaviour, attitudes, work habits, and attendance as well as describe performance in school subject.

6. Marks and parent conferences are necessary to fully describe the performance at least at the upper elementary and secondary levels. Reporting systems in the primary grades can be less standardized, greater reliance on parent conferences. Some parents need time to adjust to the reality of their child’s ability.

7. Failing marks are rarely justified or needed in the primary or even upper elementary grades. A failing marks should rarely be given in elementary or middle school grades.

These are some suggestions for improving marking and reporting.

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