Recognize Red Ribbon Week | K-12 Learning Resources

Recognize Red Ribbon Week | K-12 Learning Resources

Designed with the whole child in mind, cannabis classroom activities from Ask, Listen, Learn focus on how kids interact with society and how society influences their behavior. Through these informative and engaging drug prevention activities for middle school, students will:

  • Address the dangers and effects of underage cannabis use on the developing brain, both short- and long-term, while collaborating on refusal and exit strategies for peer pressure. 
  • Separate facts from fiction through class activities, scientific research, and meaningful peer discussion.
  • Explore the evolution of federal and state regulations, engage in meaningful debate as they develop their personal ideas and beliefs, then assume the role of an elected official and create their own mock legislation.

Through our partnership with Ask, Listen, Learn, we help students uncover the science behind how alcohol and cannabis affect developing brains, bodies, and behavior. With these prevention resources, both educators and families can equip students with vital prevention skills and dive deep into the science, data, and facts, helping kids decide to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to all risky behaviors.

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