Rainbow Bulletin Boards to Brighten Up Your Classroom


Looking for ways to brighten up your dull, boring classroom? You can’t go wrong with rainbows! Not only do they display a vibrant, colorful theme, they’ve also become associated with acceptance and inclusion. To help you get started, we’ve put together this list of gorgeous rainbow bulletin boards that are perfect for Pride Month in June or any time throughout the year!

1. You Are a Rainbow of Possibilities

You are a rainbow of possibilities rainbow bulletin board

The perfect way to subtly remind your students that the outcome of this year will depend on the amount of effort they put into it.

Learn more: Pinterest/Rainbow of Possibilities

2. Love Has No Gender

Bulletin board with rainbow paint chips that says, "Love has no gender," as an example of rainbow bulletin boards

Celebrate Pride Month in June with this colorful, interactive bulletin board. It’s inexpensive to make when you pick up paint chips from your local home improvement store.

Learn more: Ms. Johnston/Twitter

3. Eat a Rainbow

Eat a rainbow classroom bulletin boards

It’s important to help kids increase their nutritional understanding from a young age, and it’s easy to do with rainbow classroom themes like this one!

Learn more: Pinterest/Eat a Rainbow

4. Attitude Is the Mind’s Paintbrush

Attitude is the mind's paintbrush rainbow bulletin boards for the classroom

For when students just can’t seem to look on the bright side—or need to be reminded that there is one.

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5. Rainbow Bond

Rainbow number bond math classroom theme ideas

Leave the math lesson to your bulletin board! This is a great visual for teaching number bonds.

Learn more: Pinterest/Rainbow Bond

6. Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud bulletin board

Show your class that they can be rainbows, too, with this meaningful quote.

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7. New Friends Are at the End of Our Rainbow

New friends are at the end of our rainbow bulletin board with paper chains

Simultaneously soothe young students’ beginning-of-the-year nerves and get them excited to meet their new friends with this rainbow display.

Learn more: Pinterest/New Friends Are at the End of Our Rainbow

8. In Diversity There Is Beauty and There Is Strength

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength rainbow bulletin board

Have your class help you re-create this rainbow-theme design by writing their names on a cloud and a few reasons why they are unique on each rainbow strip … and voilà! You’ve got yourself a great rainbow bulletin board.

Learn more: The Designer Teacher

9. Sight Word Progress Chart

Sight word progress bulletin board with rainbow, clouds and rain

Never wonder who knows which words again with this nifty color-coordinated display.

Learn more: Pinterest/Sight Word Progress Chart

10. Take What You Need

Rainbow take what you need with sticky notes

Make your hallway—and someone’s day—a little bit brighter with this simple rainbow of sticky notes.

Learn more: Pinterest/Take What You Need

11. You Fit Right In!

'You fit right in!' First grade rainbow classroom theme

This rainbow classroom theme sends the best kind of message, especially to younger kids. Create a classroom environment where everyone is welcome, and begin teaching your students about acceptance.

Learn more: Pinterest/You Fit Right In!

12. Use Correct Fingers for the Keyboard

Finger placement rainbow classroom keyboard theme and billboard

Don’t tell anyone, but this giant rainbow keyboard would be a helpful reference for me, too.

Learn more: Pinterest/Use Correct Fingers for the Keyboard

13. Your True Colors

True colors rainbow theme for classroom

Your students have a rainbow of talents and qualities, so display them on a bulletin board!

Learn more: Pinterest/Your True Colors

14. Class Expectations

Class expectations rainbow board with behavior management

This design puts the “fun” in functional. Even classroom expectations look better in a rainbow!

Learn more: Especially Education

15. Hello Sunshine

Hello sunshine rainbow bulletin boards idea with balloons

Rainbow classroom themes spread so much happiness, and this is one of the best!

Learn more: Schoolgirl Style

16. Vintage Vibes

This timeless style combines the pop of primary colors with playful black-and-white prints.

Learn more: Confetti and Creativity

17. It’s a Jungle in Here!

Raiinbow classroom themes ideas

A rainbow of colorful and animal prints? How fun!

Learn more: Polka Dot Teacher

18. Cute Rainbow Classroom

Colorful rainbow classroom theme with streamers and colored furniture

This classroom is so much fun. Look at that colorful rainbow ceiling!

Learn more: Schoolgirl Style

19. Celebrate Pride

Pride Awareness Month Rainbow Classroom Display

Recognize Pride Awareness Month each June in your classroom!

Learn more: Residence Life Crafts

20. Celebrate Their Work

'Our brightest work' Student display rainbow bulletin board

What a beautiful way to put students’ hard work on display!

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21. Rainbow Classroom Makeover

Classroom rainbow theme makeover ideas

This rainbow classroom makeover is perfect for anyone who loves ROYGBIV goodness!

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22. Take Pride in Your Differences!

'Take Pride in Our Differences' rainbow classroom display

Promote diversity and inclusion in your classroom!

Learn more: Pinterest/Tucker Downs

23. Rainbow Class Reminders

Reminders and rules for a rainbow theme classroom

Setting classroom behavior rules and expectations has never been more cheery!

Learn more: What the Teacher Wants

24. Rainbow Chalkboard

Rainbow chalkboard ideas for the classroom

Cool silhouettes of children bring this rainbow classroom theme to life!

Learn more: Schoolgirl Style

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