Organic Intellectual Energy

Through-out the ages all living organisms whether it is a small blade of grass or a blue whale all emit a form of energy. Energy in a way that is so transparent, so subtle, and yet, very definitive in nature. All living humans emit this kind of energy. But, mankind’s ability to see or harness this energy other than for very minute things like a wristwatch which runs off of ones body heat remains pretty elusive. Remember, man has a natural internal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is body heat a form of energy but, cold blooded reptiles exhibit an all together more evasive kind of energy. Those Star Wars movies were Jedi Knights were the only ones privy and capable enough to understand and harness natural energy that is emitted from all living things in order to do remarkable feats is the type of energy man has sought for years to understand. It is also this kind of energy that has surrounded all life through-out history.

History is supposed to provide a knowledge of the longer context within our lives. For it is history that is not just the evolution of technology; it is the evolution of thought. By understanding the reality of people who came before us we can see why we look at the world the way we do and what our contribution is toward further progress. We can pinpoint where we come in, sort of speaking, in the longer development of civilization and that gives us a sense of where humanity is going.

Many Theologians and Scholars have said that eventually humanity would see the universe as comprised of one dynamic energy. An energy that can sustain us and respond to our expatiations. Yet, we would also see that we have been disconnected from the larger source of this energy. In essence we have cut ourselves off and so we have felt weak, insecure, and neglected. In face of this deficit humanity has always sought to increase our personal energy in the only manner we have known. This is by seeking to psychologically steal it from others. An unconscious competition that underlies all human conflict in the world.

Humanity has always sought to outwit and control others not just because of some tangible goal that we are trying to achieve but because of the emotional lift we get psychologically. This is the primary reason we see so many irrational conflicts in the world both at the individual level and at the international level. Psychological violence is passed down from one generation to the next. In terms of energy, when we control another human being we receive their energy. This in turn keeps multiplying and intensifying. All humans although we are unconscious of it have always had a tendency to control and dominate others. We want to win this energy that exists between people.

The evolution of the energy began from one vibrating element, hydrogen. All energy is mater that is vibrating at a certain level. At this point man is either convinced that the evolution of matter into what the world has become is the only truth or a divine influence that had the most profound impact of what the world is today are all poignant arguments. It is like what came first the chicken or the egg. In any case, the all evasive answer to the question of who created Hydrogen to begin with is most essential to putting the evolutionists to reconsider that a divine hand was instrumental in the creation of all energy, matter and our world today.

Mans inability to grasp the knowledge in order to harness the energy that is created by interaction of people or by the surrounding aurora of the eminence of energy that all living things create is as elusive as ever. All the major conflicts in the world today are all about control, power, and wealth and they all are directly related to energy. The United States meanwhile continues to be so dependent on one form of energy and thus it precludes any attempt at realizing that all conflicts, poverty and in short all of humanities woes can be eliminated by receiving energy from another source, one all humanity will eventually learn to be able to tap into.

It is that lofty goal that many now are trying to achieve. Surrounded by skeptics at every turn mans hunger for what many consider an abstract essence that can not be seen or felt is a illusion or in this case a delusion of grandeur where only the physical presence of fuel that powers economies is all there is. The rational of man in face of authenticated facts are blinded by his own quest in acquiring energy at the expense of others. Whether is it a conscious desire or unconscious move to dominate others man continues to deny the existence of an energy that can be harnessed for the good of all mankind.

Man has always tried to find life’s meaning. To solve the greatest mystery of the human situation on this planet. In some respects life’s meaning is connected to the problem of transcending our past conditioning and moving our lives forward. In order for mankind to fully evolve man has to connect with enough internal energy to see through humanities continued quest to control others and go forward in what turns out to be a spiritual process. Man, contrary to all non believers, have a innate desire to control the will of others. We have to transcend this desire of control so that man can comprehend a higher meaning of why we where born and what all the events in our lives are actually preparing us to do.

Mankind has always had a spiritual purpose, a mission that we have been pursuing without being fully aware. Truth is as important as the evolution of the Universe itself, for it enables evolution to continue. What mankind has failed to understand is that all of us are born into their own historical situations. We all find some kind of common ground. We form unions with other human beings who also share this common ground. When children are born to this union we reconcile these two positions by pursuing a higher level guided by the coincidences and with the knowledge that the physical universe is made up by pure energy that responds to how we think. All interaction by humanity has exposed mankind’s tendency to steal energy from others by control and manipulation.

The universe can quench humanities thirst for all the energy we need. That’s if we can only open up to it. Each time man is energized with each coincidence leads us forward in our lives. We then intake this level of energy in our selves which makes it possible to exist at a higher level of vibration. Each generation takes this level of vibration and subsequently raises it even higher. This is how humanity continues to evolve.

Coincidences in life are all predicated by individual thoughts. In order to recognize how thought relates to coincidences on has to take an observer position. Like looking through a window only from the outside. When one becomes an observer in ones own life helps to relate our need to control everything and places us in that flow of evolution. Take the emotion of love for example: When one is in love the emotion itself radiates energy. The euphoria that one feels is energy. The person whose affections are directed at returns that love then the energy is combined which enables both persons to experience a higher sense of purpose. This cross flowing energy enables one to achieve a greater degree of consciousness. Remember, all human energy vibrates at different levels. When their is love and love is returned our level of energy and vibration only increases. If man lets their individual level of energy drop the human body suffers. This is with all living organisms. This is the relationship between stress and disease. Love is the way to keep man’s energy vibration up and keeps us healthy. Above all it reduces stressful confrontations that are leading causes for most of the problems mankind faces today.

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