If you are a marketer you may want to consider the

differences between online vs offline advertising. The main

reason for this is that we are so conditioned by offline

advertising for example television, radio, newspapers,

magazines and flyers. Also with big companies launching

their internet businesses they usually use offline media on

a very big scale. So it is hard to believe one can run a

successful internet business using only online advertising.

Well this is exactly what I do. I have been running my

internet business using only free methods of online

advertising and earning a full time income for many years.

Let me go through the differences between online and

offline advertising.

There are many different methods of online advertising to

produce good quality leads. However, I have found that

since there is nothing physical associated with your advert

people are a lot more likely to forget about it soon after.

I have found the three methods of online advertising that

produces the highest quality lead to be the following.

Ezine advertising in targeted ezines related to your

product or service. Search engine traffic related to

keywords which represent your product or service. The last

of these methods is article marketing where you write

articles related to your niche and create the credibility

of an expert.

Offline advertising works very well because there is

something physical attached to your advert. People remember

it very well and it usually produces a high quality lead. I

have found the following offline advertising methods to

work very well. You can advertise in a large amount of

newspapers at the same time. Usually you receive a

significant discount. If you look around on the internet

you will find a lot of these deals where you can advertise

in 100 newspapers at the same time. The key being to

advertise consistently. Advertising in a magazine related

to your niche also works very well. You can also use sizzle

cards with an enticing marketing message and leave them

wherever you go. Flyers also work well and is very low

cost, but the disadvantage is that you need to physically

hand them out.

Having a balanced mix of advertising is very good for your

business. If for some reason Google goes through a major

algorithm change and you lose a lot of rankings you will

still be attracting visitors from your offline methods. So

when deciding between online vs offline advertising it is

always good to spread your methods to even out your risk.

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