Online public school opens enrollment for 2022-23 school year


The academy said it serves more than 7,900 TK-12th grade students across 32 counties through its six tuition-free online public schools.

Information provided by California Connections Academy


California Connections Academy announced it opened enrollment for the 2022-23 school year March 22. The academy said it serves more than 7,900 TK-12th grade students across 32 counties through its six tuition-free online public schools.

According to the release, the school has provided online learning expertise since 2004.

“Made up of six accredited virtual public schools authorized to operate in different geographic regions across the state, California Connections Academy has a demonstrated history of expertise in the virtual learning model and provides high-quality, personalized online education,” the release said. “With structured LiveLesson sessions, a rigorous curriculum that meets state education standards and socialization opportunities for its students, the school is an optimum choice for families interested in a high quality online learning option.”

The release added that the Academy serves a diverse student body, including gifted students seeking challenging coursework, competitive athletes with demanding training schedules and formerly homeschooled families pursuing additional studies, teacher support and program structure.

“At California Connections Academy, students are empowered to pursue the best educational path for themselves and their families,” said Dr. Richie Romero, executive director of California Connections Academy. “Our curriculum is rooted in individualized online learning and our talented roster of administrators, teachers and staff are dedicated to providing the finest online learning experience and setting every student up for success.”

The school’s curriculum is designed by experts in online learning and provides students of all ages the opportunity to ignite their curiosity and understanding of the world around them, all the while maximizing their potential to meet high performance standards, the release said.

“Our family has had a wonderful experience at California Connections Academy,” said Elvira Cantu, mother of California Connections Academy graduating senior Isabel. “All three of my children have been students at California Connections Academy since kindergarten. They have each excelled in their independent study and truly take advantage of the flexible learning model, numerous lessons, dual enrollment opportunities and all the school has to offer.”

The release also stated California Connections Academy’s high school curriculum offers NCAA core courses, career-oriented electives and University of California “A-G” courses.

“California Connections Academy students also have access to many socialization opportunities throughout the school year including optional student clubs, field trips, school festivals, college tours and more,” the release said. All California Connections Academy students learn to become independent learners and gain invaluable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration that will benefit them beyond the classroom.”

Interested families can learn more about California Connections Academy and the enrollment process by attending an online information session for their local school. For more information about California Connections Academy, call 1-(800) 221-2720 or visit the school’s website.




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