Mr Trump, Keep Your Campaign Promises If You Expect to Be Re-Elected


When a Presidential candidate, any Presidential candidate, campaigns and makes promises to those U.S. citizens of the national electorate who support him, or her, and end-up voting for that candidate, those voters expect that person to make good on those campaign promises. Currently, Donald J. Trump is floundering terribly during his first year as U.S. President in fulfilling the promises he made to the Republican, Tea Party, and independent voters who upset the 2017 Presidential Election by electing him; and by keeping a corrupt Democrat from being elected. Those voters are also the ones who elected a majority of Republicans into the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Trump’s very descriptive language that he has used in describing what he intended to do as U.S. President and Chief Executive in order to eliminate the federal status quo in Washington, DC, such as “drain the swamp,” and “rid the republic of the political swamp creatures (illicit politician)” who have corrupted the federal government, excited those voters who placed him into office. These hard-working rank-and-file patriots have looked forward to a dynamic shifting of Constitutional power back to the States, in accordance with the 10th Amendment, from an abusive and regulatory federal government. Yet, this vision of a severe reduction of federal power and regulation has not been realized since Trump took office, and the President’s promises to end illegal immigration, to build a Southern border wall, to end DACA, and the many other priorities set during his campaign, which are of paramount concern to Republican and Tea Party voters, have not been kept.

Mr. Trump needs to fully realize that what he was given by concerned Republican, Tea Party, and independent voters was not only a 2017 win as U.S. President, but also, and much more importantly, a mandate to keep his promises. That is, Trump needs to realize the salient and perilous fact that, if he wants to be reelected to a second term as President, and continue to enjoy the support of a Republican controlled Congress, he’s going to have to change the way he’s doing things. Currently, as of Friday, March 23, 2018, President Trump needs to understand that he will definitely lose the support of those Republican, Tea Party, and independent voters who elected him in 2017 if he signs into law the $1.3 trillion spending bill that has been passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate. But that’s not all he will lose! His signing of this bill into law will allow the liberal opposing minority party to get everything it wants, which will be inexorably detrimental to the republic. Above all, signing of this bill will diminish the support of those many Trump voters in a Republican congress and assure the retaking by the Democrats of a majority status in the House and the Senate during the mid-term elections.

Mr. Trump desperately needs to learn from, and heed, the history of the splendid lesson set by the great President Andrew Jackson during the time he served two presidential terms, from 1829 to 1837. The significant lesson that Jackson provided to future presidential candidates, through his deportment as President, was, “keep your campaign promises.” I have compared Donald Trump to Andrew Jackson in their bids, during different centuries, for the Presidency and the winning of the confidence of the common voter, and there are numerous similarities. The comparison set forth one very important similarity, which was Trump’s independent voice calling for change during his campaign. Andrew Jackson campaigned primarily on the evil of the Bank of the United States, the forerunner to the Federal Reserve Act, and Trump campaigned on the evils of illegal immigration, DACA, and unconstitutional federal regulatory power. Jackson’s campaign promises to de-charter, and end, the Bank of the United States made sense to the voters in 1829, and Trump’s vow to end illegal immigration by building a wall, by ending DACA, and the draining of the federal swamp, or Washington, DC, made great sense to many more voters in 2017, Republicans, Democrats, the Tea Party, and independents. By keeping his campaign promises, Andrew Jackson won reelection in 1833, and Mr. Trump must realize that he was elected to do the job that he represented, during his campaign, he was going to do. The President needs to stop trying to entertain his constituency with his colorful bargaining motif and his television savvy. He needs, rather, to get serious about doing what he was elected to do, and remember that he’s in a dirty swamp that drastically needs to be drained, and its creatures eliminated, not Las Vegas, and that he’s the President, and not Wayne Newton.

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