Kenosha News Editorial: Don’t call people racist just for disagreeing with you | Editorial


This past month, State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly released a series of commentaries talking about race and the importance of talking about racism.

In it she brought up a lot of points about why it is important for these issues to be taught, saying, “Teaching about race and racism is the only way to teach the complete story of the United States … I believe we have no other choice but to teach about it and learn from it if we want to protect the strength of our state and nation.”

It is important for a complete version of American and world history to be taught and that includes teaching students about the ugly parts of the past, as well as the good. Seeing how our country has evolved over the years will help students better understand how society works today and help the students – our leaders of tomorrow – make decisions that will affect the future of our communities.

So yes, we need to teach students about slavery and civil rights and how other minority groups were treated in the past.

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But education leaders like Underly also need to be careful not to ostracize those who don’t agree with them. Unfortunately that is exactly what Underly did when she essentially said that anyone who doesn’t agree with her philosophy on teaching about racism is racist.

To quote her directly she said, “Teaching about race and racism is essential, it is culturally relevant, it is good teaching, and saying otherwise is not only problematic, it’s racist.”

By saying that, she didn’t evoke discussion. She instead shot down the conversation, condemning anyone who does not agree with her.

Insulting and name calling those who don’t agree with you is not the way to have an honest conversation.

Race and racism is a sensitive subject and it is important to talk about. But to have an honest conversation, you cannot call others racist just because they don’t agree with you.


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