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This week I’m speaking with an all-around legend, Bradley Busch, co-author of The Science of Learning, 99 Studies that Every Teacher Needs to Know.

Bradley works at InnerDrive, a UK-based professional development company that specializes in bringing the science of learning to life through fantastic visuals, workshops, and webinars. If you follow my blog,, you’ll know that I presented with Bradley for InnerDrive’s Cognitive Science Network about how teachers can apply cognitive load theory to the classroom. According to cognitive load theory, we are only able to hold about 3 to 5 items in mind at a time, and only for about 20 seconds. The implication of us having this limited working memory is that we must be careful not to overload our students, such as by presenting way too much information at once, or dividing students’ attention between two sources, or having students solve big, unfamiliar problems without any scaffolding or support. While we’ll talk about several cognitive load theory applications in this episode, here are some of my most popular posts on cognitive load theory:

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I also encourage you sign up at InnerDrive’s website to gain access to an abundance of free posters and resources on topics such as how to ask great questions, the impact of mobile phones on learning, and the importance of retrieval practice, all of which I’ll be diving into with Bradley today. So, without further ado, please enjoy episode 11 of this season of Progressively Incorrect, featuring Bradley Busch.

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