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How autonomous is your college?

Past 7 days, I visited a university in Staffordshire, England. It stands out as a ‘work’ spotlight!

For lots of years, I have advocated a exploration product for teacher appraisal, expert growth and creating entire-faculty lifestyle. All over this internet site, you will obtain strategies, resources and countless useful illustrations (just check with and I’ll signpost them in the opinions).

It’s well worth at minimum defining what we necessarily mean by autonomy (Circumstances for teacher efficacy – Hattie, 2020).

Defining trainer autonomy

  1. College staff are reliable to make crucial choices
  2. Acquiring common conceptions of development
  3. Shared beliefs about helpful instruction, techniques and assessment
  4. Instructors are conscious of what some others are undertaking in the lecture rooms
  5. Targets are established/agreed upon by all people collaborative CPD
  6. Assist workers enable teachers have out their duties
  7. College leaders exhibit issue for the workers and defend them.

.. and what the reverse of remaining autonomous seems to be like (in this video clip).

Reflection issues

Checking out this faculty and participating in a little element in their celebration of the perform all team have carried out throughout the calendar year was a compact sign of what all colleges can achieve. I have mentioned a established of reflection inquiries beneath to think about as a benchmark when evaluating your school culture to the one I frequented:

  1. Does your website supervisor interact with appraisal?
  2. Do your support staff members engage with experienced improvement?
  3. Do your help staff members also get the similar diet program of CPD as the training staff members?
  4. Do all your members of workers participate in education study?
  5. Are your appraisal targets set from above, or curated base-up?
  6. Other than the common INSET times, do all your personnel have regular CPD during the 12 months?
  7. Do you have a approach for nurturing and establishing your possess talent?
  8. Do your staff members really feel like they are element of a group or just a cog in a equipment?
  9. Do you have a method for working with underperforming workers?
  10. How can the minutiae of lesson observation be separated from your ability methods?
  11. Does your college still quality classes?!
  12. Is there an proven coaching lifestyle?
  13. Is there a dedicated instructing and discovering workforce?
  14. Do all staff receive coaching?
  15. Is there a wellbeing plan?
  16. Is there a wellbeing spending budget and workers guide?
  17. Does your faculty secure .1 per cent of its all round price range for workers experienced advancement?
  18. Does your university grade instructor appraisal?
  19. Do you have a way of celebrating the wonderful operate that your personnel do?
  20. Is your headteacher current at all CPD events?

As ever, faculty leaders must begin with tradition and conclusion with cake!

It’s a pretty fantastic stability for faculty leaders to ensure all accountability actions and methods are met, while also enabling their workers to be autonomous …


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